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Frequently Asked Questions

For all your questions regarding Radiate Vitality services and how we can help you achieve your health goals please read below.

  • Why are there two options for Naturopath Consultations?
    Some people prefer a longer, more in-depth consultation, particularly if they have had a condition for a while. A one-hour consultation may work best in those cases. A half-hour appointment may be better suited to those who know what is wrong and would like specific advice. Shorter times also suit those interested in more regular appointments to help keep on track.
  • Do you help all age groups?
    Yes. I enjoy helping every person regardless of their condition or age. Many of my clients are nearing retirement and come to me to help improve their health for this new phase in their life. Please take a browse of my services to see what suits you best.
  • What areas of health are you interested in?
    I am interested in all areas of health but have developed a strong knowledge base with stress-related conditions, mild depression and anxiety, conditions relating to pain, headaches or migraines, digestive complaints, heart and brain health and blood sugar imbalances such as diabetes. If you’re not sure whether I can help, please get in touch and I’ll give you an honest answer.
  • You have a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, what does that mean?"
    This qualification is important to me and a great addition to my skill base. Our work affects health, and our health affects our work. If you’re struggling, I may be able to help you and your workplace. I can also invoice your workplace if they have a wellness plan and are open to working with me. I am open to doing on-site talks, please contact me to discuss this by option.
  • What’s included in a consultation and what else do I need to pay for?
    A consultation fee is $150 for one hour, and $90 for 30 minutes. Any recommendations, such as liquid herbs and supplements are extra. Personalised health plans are $45. Home visits and workplace visits may incur a travel fee.
  • What is a health plan?
    A written health plan is a personalised document that addresses the factors affecting your health and are linked to the reason you sort advice from me. Health plans aren’t necessary for shorter appointments but are recommended for those who book longer appointments and packages.
  • Do you combine Naturopathic advice with Bowen Therapy?
    Yes. During a Naturopathic Consultation, I will often suggest Bowen Therapy. The combination of a Naturopathic Consultation and two or three follow-up Bowen Therapy sessions can be extremely helpful. If your consultation is online, I can recommend a Bowen Therapist close to where you live, or some other body work modality if I feel it will help you.
  • What conditions can Bowen help with?
    Great question! We have a saying ‘everybody is better with bowen’. Bowen can help with headaches, sinus, hay fever, neck and shoulder pain, stress, sleep, digestive conditions, RSI and elbow pain, low back pain and the sciatic nerve, knee and ankle problems including swelling, back pain, breathing and jaw/TMJ discomfort.
  • Why do you recommend having three Bowen Therapy sessions, a week apart?"
    Bowen is most effective when sessions are spaced out. Each session is different. The first will look at balancing, while the following two will target areas of concern. Quite often people will come monthly after this for a time or whenever they feel like another session. It is best to have Bowen away from any other body work treatment by a week.
  • How does a Zoom consultation work?
    After I receive your booking, I will email you with a link for your Zoom consultation. Zoom is easy to use; just access your email account and click on the link at the agreed time, and the prompts will guide you the rest of the way. Once on a call, you’ll need to ‘join with audio’ and turn your camera on. If you have any technical issues, please call me. Afterwards, I will email an invoice for payment, due in seven days. Products, such as supplements, can be sent by courier. If you’d like to make a booking now, jump on to my calendar or book a free 10-minute chat to discuss your health.
  • Can I talk to you about my prescription medication?
    Yes. After spending years in the pharmacy sector as a technician, I have a strong understanding of this topic. However, I am not able to provide advice. This is a subject for you and your GP or medical specialist. I am familiar with how medications can affect the body and contribute to nutritional deficiencies and can advise on this before problems occur. If I think you may be having side-effects, I will refer you to your doctor.
  • What do you do to relieve stress?
    I love swimming and aqua aerobics! I’m also a huge fan of Agatha Christie - I read all her books and watch all her movies. Walking holidays also help!
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