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Hi, I’m Vanessa King.

Tauranga-based Naturopath and Bowen Therapist

Why I started Radiate Vitality

After 20 years in the health industry, working in pharmacy as a technician and in mental health and disability sectors, I created Radiate Vitality to add a complementary dimension to the existing healthcare system. I have practised naturopathy and Bowen Therapy for over 15 years, treating people of all ages affected by a range of health conditions.

Modern life isn’t good for the body. Our bodies struggle to cope with the high levels of stress we face each day. As a result, chronic health problems are becoming more common, requiring a fresh approach to treating our health.

Vanessa King
Bowen therapy practise

Why Naturopathy
& Bowen Therapy?

A combination of naturopathy and Bowen Therapy can make a real difference for people with long-term chronic health problems. Importantly, these natural therapies can work alongside existing treatments from your doctor.

My approach and qualifications

I approach every person’s appointment with an open mind, offering a relaxing, warm environment to explore your underlying health issues. My goal is to ease stress and tension and get to the bottom of your short or long-term health challenges.

I have diplomas in naturopathy, bowen therapy, occupational health and safety, community work and have a certificate in public health, and have worked in healthcare for more than thirty years in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

In 2023 I became Chairperson  of the New Zealand Bowen Therapy Association, and completed Advanced Bowen Therapy Training. I am a Registered Naturopath with the Naturopath’s and Medical Herbalists of NZ (Inc) and a Professional member of Bowen Therapy New Zealand. I am also a trainee Bowen Therapy Instructor

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