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Children's tantrums and upset moods

Over the years I have been truly amazed how stress can impact children and how this presents to the outside world, including how it affects the whole family.

There is a great focus on sugar consumption and additives in food, which I wholeheartedly agree with. Our food chain has changed so much over the years and it has become more common to find genetically modified foods and highly processed food. I suggest taking a stroll down the natural health section at the supermarket or shop at different locations that provide good wholesome quality foods.

I would like to suggest a weak connection to bad behaviour and tantrums. I think children are facing unprecedented times and the impact of changes to our world must and is having a huge impact on them. In some cases a problem can come from one area, although there are usually a few areas that need addressing, some more than others and this is a fine balance.

Are lower nutritional reserves connected to tantrums and is this affecting the younger children in a family? Maybe - perhaps because the majority of nutrients may not have been replaced from births before the younger children are born. This may sound odd but hear me out. A busy stressed new mum may not be absorbing her nutrients from food as well as she previously did. This could mean as more children are born the mother has less nutrients to give.