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Train to become a Bowen Therapist

You too can learn how to help family and friends or go on to a new career by learning Bowen Therapy. It is a privilege to now be able to offer training courses in Tauranga. How very special it is that I have been asked to become a trainee instructor. I certainly feel as though I am joining a small but extremely dedicated and experienced group. The instructor that I trained with over fifteen years ago is in this group and it is an honor to be included.

Many people are faced with wondering how to help family and friends when they are in pain, not sleeping, have digestive troubles, are stressed and tired. Imagine if you could learn a technique to help your children or grandchildren relax or help your parent’s as they age - the list is endless. Low back pain and fatigue are two of the main reason’s people see their GP, imagine if you could help with this. The more we understand people the more benefit Bowen Therapy can be to others – this you will learn and I will help you.

We always recommend people to have a medical check up or referral to pinpoint a problem and get a diagnosis, advice or treatment. With Bowen Therapy we do not diagnose or treat, we look at the body and try to help it. Bowen Therapy is complimentary to other health modalities. I cannot even begin to describe how much benefit Bowen Therapy has had to the people I know including clients over the years. People look different after Bowen, their complexion improves, their facial features relax this is almost instant for many.

We often say ‘less is best’ this you will learn. It is not necessary to overdo anything in fact we recommend the basic’s and this is where the beauty of Bowen is. Some people are showing interest in learning to help with family and friends, this takes one weekend a month for six months. This is where you may like to stop, or you may like to go on to see paying clients in a clinic setting. This also involves some anatomy and physiology training (level 4 / 5 approximate cost $450 in addition to course fees) a basic short business course, a first aid certificate, 60 case studies for practice and to gain confidence. We encourage you to consider starting anatomy and physiology training as soon as you would like to. The training to see paying clients also includes attending a training weekend - module 7 where all procedures are reviewed - cost $460. After successful completion of this weekend you may charge a part fee to clients. After a further assessment training weekend (usually in Hamilton or Palmerston North) module 8 - cost $525 you may charge as a practitioner once your diploma is awarded and

By joining our association Bowen Therapy New Zealand you will be joining a passionate group of people that ‘speak their own language’ all things Bowen. Much enjoyment is had by getting together for reviews days usually once a year over a weekend, not to mention our conference where we often have an overseas instructor teach. It has brought such joy to my life I wish the same for you. You never know you may end up as Chairperson of our association like I am. We are always looking for Bowen Therapist’s on our committee!

I will be running training courses twice a year. Course dates are subject to change and every effort is made to adhere to the times as much as possible.

"I am finding learning Bowen is a fun packed adventure, because the course mixes, practice sessions with theory and plenty of observing moves performed, time flies and each day is full of plenty to process over the following month"

"Having regular Bowen sessions myself and reaping the benefits, it made sense to train so I can help others too.  As an instructor Vanessa takes into consideration how her students prefer to learn, while ensuring each module combines the right balance of observation, theory, practice, and revision in a relaxed environment"

"Vanessa's passion for teaching shines through in every class, making learning Bowen Therapy fun and exciting. She explains things clearly and patiently, helping us understand in the ways we prefer to learn.  Bowen therapy seemed like a bit of a daunting leap for me but having Vanessa as my instructor makes me wish I made the leap sooner"

Training dates 2024 / 2025

Minimum of three students for course to go ahead

Cost - $2,100 up front or $2,500 if paid in instalments before module one three and five

This course is full. Next course September

Module one – 15th 16th June 2024

Module two – 13th 14th July

Module three – 17th 18th August

Module four – 14th 15th September

Module five – 12th 13th October

Module six – 16th 17th November

Module one - 28th 29th September

Module two - 26th 27th October

Module three - 30th November 1st December

Module four - 18th 19th January 2025

Module five - 22nd 23rd February 2025

Module six - 29th 30th March 2025


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