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The secret to beating the temptations of sugar

Learn the health benefits of low sugar living and how to take control for good

Did you know we’re constantly being tempted with sugary products?

As a naturopath who has studied occupational health and safety and public health, I have learnt about and witnessed first-hand the clever ways advertisers subtly encourage excess sugar consumption.

Certain groups of people are specifically targeted at certain places with the purpose of tempting us with sugar-laden products. For example, you’ll find sugary drinks and snacks at workplaces, which we’ll naturally reach for if we are tired. Sugar seemingly offers the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when we’re feeling sluggish, yet in reality, sugar actually makes us more tired.

Along with fatigue, there are numerous health issues associated with sugar consumption. Excess sugar intake can lead to blood sugar fluctuations, weight gain, chronic health problems and our body also struggles with the strain of processing it. This is because sugar floods the body and brain, meaning our kidneys and bladder are put under extra pressure having to excrete it.

Research also tells us that one of the more serious health issues associated with sugar consumption is diabetes.

And whilst there are many factors we can class as individual contributors, such as lifestyle, lack of exercise, stress, and family history, managing our sugar intake is one area we can take control of to improve our individual health outcomes.

It’s undisputed that sugar is not good for our health, yet we are having to constantly exercise self-control when we are targeted by advertisers at our most vulnerable moments. The other challenge we face is that sugar is incredibly addictive.

So how do we help ourselves when it comes to the constant temptations of sugar?

The secret is getting to know ourselves better by identifying our weak points when it comes to consuming excess sugar.

Get in touch with Vanessa if:

  • You’re concerned about your sugar intake

  • Your Dr has suggested you cut down your sugar intake

  • May be at risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes

  • Want to gain top tips for leading a healthier, low-sugar life


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